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Do you care about the health of our ocean ecosystems? Are you interested in understanding how improved information systems can contribute to that outcome, including providing better management, and enhanced environmental, social and economic performance for American fisheries? Do you want to be part of a community sharing ideas for data-driven ocean management?

If so, perhaps you’d like to be part of the Net Gains Alliance.

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We are fishermen, business leaders, industry associations, scientists, natural resource managers, technology and data experts, conservationists and a host of other passionate fish folk who care about the future of our oceans and the communities that depend upon them for their well being. And we believe that better information is critical to achieving the best possible social, economic and environmental benefits to people and planet alike.

We are working hard to accelerate the pace of modernization for America’s fisheries and are supporting projects that unlock the power of new technologies and better fisheries data. When we talk about data modernization, we mean initiatives or processes that result in more accurate data, more efficient and timely data delivery, and better analyses that support both improved governance (management, science, and enforcement) and serve industry and public needs.

So if you’re interested in learning more about what we’re doing, and are interested in playing a supporting role in shaping the future of America’s fisheries, become a part of the Net Gains Alliance today!  

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