Better Information, Better Oceans

Establishing modern information systems to enhance the sustainable management of ocean resources

The Net Gains Alliance (NGA) is a global initiative committed to accelerating the modernization, implementation, and adaptation of robust information systems to support sustainable management of ocean resources.

NGA is working to spur modernization of America’s fisheries information system, an effort viewed as critical by industry and fisheries managers alike for further improving overall management and enhancing environmental, social and economic performance.

The Problem

Like many complex marine resources, America’s fisheries rely on a robust, science-based process for comprehensive and effective management. As the diversity of information needs for fisheries management increase, so does the pace at which decisions should be made. Current information management systems should be enhanced to meet these evolving needs, thus ensuring that the economic and conservation benefits of our fisheries are sustained.


The Solution

NGA is assembling a strong coalition of industry, managers and other stakeholders, and working with these partners to develop and implement a national modernization strategy.  A key element to this effort is demonstrating the many benefits gained from a modernized, interoperable data backbone by helping catalyze numerous projects – at the state, regional and national level – that unlock the power of better fisheries data.


Our Mission

Improve the collection, management, preservation, analysis, storage and use of information to optimize the economic, social and environmental benefits gained from every ocean resource.

Our Vision

Healthy ocean ecosystems and resources that are optimally managed to provide the best possible social, economic and environmental benefits to people and nature alike.


We are fishermen, business leaders, scientists, natural resource managers, technologists, ocean experts, conservationists, philanthropists, and a broad and growing collective of people and organizations that care deeply about the future of our oceans and the communities that depend upon them for their well being. We are bound together by an understanding that improving how we use information to plan and manage our vast ocean resources can have an outsized and immensely positive impact on their economic, social and ecological performance.


Improving Net Gains: Data-Driven Innovation for America’s Fisheries

Our U.S. fisheries work builds upon the recommendations contained in the Fishing Data Innovation Task Force’s 2017 report.

Improving Net Gains: Data-Driven Innovation for America’s Fisheries

EM Information

Electronic monitoring and reporting initiatives are vital aspects of information systems modernization. Check out the latest news, trends and information from EM Information to learn more.

EM Information

NOAA Fisheries

There’s no better place to start learning more about data modernization issues, science, and technology than with NOAA Fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries

If you weren’t able to join Kate Wing, George Lapointe and George Chmael for our presentation and discussion about how the Net Gains Alliance is working to rapidly modernize America’s fisheries information systems, you can watch the recording now. To learn about our latest on-water projects, and what’s in store for 2020 please join the Alliance, send us an email ( or call Jonathan Webster @ +1 (202) 341-8704 for more information. 

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